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HoopSphere on COVID -19 








Dear HoopSphere Families,
Hope everyone is safe and well!  We, as a coaching staff, are missing interacting and working with all of our students. Conversely, I am sure that all of our players have been missing their coaches and itching to get back on the court as well.
We are closely monitoring the events surrounding the Covid 19 (coronavirus).
Given the current state, we will continue to hold off on conducting any HoopSphere activities until further notice. 
We will not be processing billing for April 1st date, or any other future billing until we are officially back in session. 
We are hopeful of making a return Mid April to Early May. This date is subject to change and we will be in touch in the next few weeks with updates.
All students complete schedules/class timings will continue to be held and reserved. 
We will continue to hold on to the credits remaining in the month of March, and will update on how we will apply this to future months. Credits for AAU are also being held.
Our commitment and priority is to ensure that our children and our community at large are safe and healthy. We hope to see everyone back on the court again soon!





Dear Hoopsphere Families,

With everything surrounding the Covid 19 (coronavirus) and growing concerns about the health and safety of our families, we have decided to close down all HoopSphere classes, games, and events effective now Friday March 13th, until April 1st (This date is subject to change and we will be in touch in the next few weeks with updates). This applies to skills classes, league, and AAU.

All students schedules and class timings will be untouched until then. 

We are committed as an academy to the safety and health of our students and community at large,which is ultimately the most pressing issue at hand at the current time. We hope that everyone stays safe in this critical and confusing time.

Thank you very much and please exercise safety and caution in the weeks ahead.





Dear Hoopsphere Families,


With everything surrounding the COVID-19 (coronavirus) and growing concerns about the health and safety of our families, we wanted to share some updates on how we are responding to the situation. We are committed as an academy to the safety and health of our students and community at large. We have been following the authority and guidance of Alameda County Public Health Department (ACPHD) and other higher authority.


Below are some updates and changes for Hoopsphere regarding COVID-19 that we plan to implement effective immediately. This is based on the current state we are in and we will update any changes necessary when we have new information. 


HoopSphere is Currently Open and in Session –Just as all of our school districts remain open for school, we are open for the time being as well.  We are working with public health professionals who are the experts in protecting the community during viral outbreaks. They have consistently recommended against closing, but recommended being vigilant and cautious.  


Limitation of Spectators and Games

  • Drop off and Pick Up Only for a 2 week period only for Parents to help with distancing.

  • Sunday League Games will be converted into Skills Training Sessions for the next few weeks. Please stick to normal Sunday scheduling. This will be a welcome change for most of our students, who are in need of more skill training and fundamentals development.

  • AAU Tournaments are cancelled for the next few weeks since this brings in a lot of crowds from a lot of different areas. We will send a separate email to AAU teams on upcoming plans.


Preventative Measures 

  • Coaching Staff will monitor all students, and will report and send home any coughing and sneezing student

  • Talking to students about preventative measures at the beginning of class

  • Covering cough/sneeze with a tissue or sleeve (cough into your elbow) is required

  • Students are advised to wash their hands before and after playing

  • Only Individual Drills (no contact drills) will take place between each player and everyone is required to bring their own basketball. 

  • No High Fives or touching will take place between students, coaches, or any individuals for the time being

  • Thorough Disinfecting of school district facilities led by FUSD,MUSD,Ohlone CC and other facilities that we use, many which are large and open, unlike classrooms where students are sitting next to each other in closer proximity

  • We may shift certain locations outdoors (on a case by case basis),which will provide another degree of safety according to experts. This is TBD.


Basic Prevention:

  • Stay home when sick and remain at home until fever has been gone for at least 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medicines. 

  • Cover cough/sneeze with a tissue or sleeve (cough into your elbow). 

  • Wash hands frequently.



  • Most HoopSphere parents are continuing to send their healthy children to school, their extra classes and HoopSphere activities,however If you feel more comfortable keeping your child at home,we completely understand. Please send us an email at Please note cancellations take effect April 1st, 2020 and March refunds are not permitted. We are offering make up credits on a case by case basis if you qualify. You may re-register to the program online anytime when you are ready to return.


General Health – The best methods for preventing the spread of COVID-19 remain the same – frequent hand washing, covering of coughs and sneezes, and most importantly, staying home if you are sick. Symptoms of COVID-19 are similar to cold and flu. If you are experiencing symptoms, stay home and contact your healthcare provider. 


We are all working diligently to provide a safe environment for your children while causing as little disruption as possible to their basketball development and growth with HoopSphere. We are doing our very best with the information we have, at a time when information is changing quickly. Thank you for your patience and partnership as we work through this together.