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You are not simply in a class at HoopSphere. You are embarking on a basketball journey!

  • Student First: Every child will be evaluated on their first day. We develop our students based on their learning style, current skill set, and strengths and weaknesses.​

  • Personality Development: Confidence, resilience, communication skills, teamwork, leadership, discipline, and hard work.​

  • Physical Fitness: More time on the court, less time on screens! Stamina, strength, conditioning, coordination, agility, speed develop our students into healthy and happy individuals. ​

  • Experienced and Professional Coaches: We are skilled teachers who inspire and connect with each and every student.​​

  • Comprehensive Program: An extremely detailed year round comprehensive program to address every skill and every stage of development for all ages and levels.​​​​​

  • Our Mission: We want to pass on lessons that will not only bring achievements on the basketball court but will contribute to success in all aspects of life.

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