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  • What programs do you offer? How does registration work?
    HoopSphere's comprehensive year round program covers all major components of becoming a better basketball player -Skills Training -The HoopSphere League -AAU (Travel Team) To register or see the schedule for your child's age and level, click here. You will first select your weekly skills classes (up to 6 per week). At least one skills class selection is mandatory for all students. Then, you will select your league timing. Your child will be grouped in the appropriate classes and league divisions for their age group and skill level.
  • Can I join anytime?
    HoopSphere is a year round program. Students can join at any time of the year.
  • Do you offer programs for boys and girls? Do you have classes for all age groups and skill levels?
    Yes, we offer programs for boys and girls and for all skill levels. HoopSphere students range from players who are just starting to learn the game to advanced, competitive players. Students will be grouped in the right program according to their age and skill level.
  • How can I see the schedule for my child's age group and skill level?
    Click here to see the entire schedule for your child's age and skill level.
  • What program do you recommend for my son/daughter?
    We always recommend: 1) Skills Classes Anywhere from 1-3 Skills Development classes per week to learn/improve technique 2) The HoopSphere League -Every student will be placed in the appropriate division relative to age and skill level -Learn the team concept and playing organized basketball under a professional coach -Gain real game experience, understand teamwork, communication, and sacrifice Both skills classes and league play are necessary ingredients to get the complete experience needed for every young basketball player to develop
  • What do I need to bring to my first class and every class/practice? What is the appropriate attire for class/practice?
    Please bring your registation confirmation page and hand it to your coach on your first class. Things to bring to every class/practice: 1). Your own basketball with your full name written on it (please see chart at the bottom of this page with basketball size details). Please do not bring your basketball on league game days or instructional game days. Only bring your basketball to practices and skills classes. 2). Water bottle (if not disposable, please write your full name on it). 3). An inhaler or any other medical related devices if applicable to you. Appropriate attire: 1). Wearing comfortable athletic clothing such as shorts, tee shirts, sweats, sweatshirts. 2). Wearing athletic shoes, preferably basketball shoes. No open toe sandals allowed. Running shoes are not recommended because of minimal ankle protection. Please purchase the appropriate size basketball based on chart below: Boys: Ages 5-6, Size 27.5 Ages 7-10, Size 28.5 Ages 11 and Up: Size 29.5 Girls: Ages 5-7: Size 27.5 Ages 8 and Up: Size 28.5
  • Does your program offer a curriculum?
    Yes. Our program is curriculum based. At HoopSphere, we want our students to learn the entire spectrum of skills so they can develop into complete basketball players. We have a comprehensive curriculum that we utilize to ensure every student continuously learns and expands their skill set. We cover all skills such as shooting, ball handling, footwork passing, moving off ball, defense, physical conditioning, and the mental components of becoming a basketball player such as toughness, grit and communication skills.
  • How do you monitor the progress of each student?
    The progress of each student is tracked by their skills coach. The skills coaches design workouts based on our curriculum and also based on where our students need improvement. We frequently hold round-table meetings to discuss each of our students and their trajectories. We may at times ask that a student moves to a more advanced class/program depending on their progress. Our coaching staff is not only discerning in helping our students improve their abilities, but take an active role in inspiring them to love the game.
  • Are classes grouped by age or skill level?
    In order to achieve the ideal environment for our young athletes, our classes are grouped by both age and skill-set.
  • Do you offer a free trial class?
    Yes we do offer a free trial class. How does it work? 1) Register online for the class (es) you are interested in. 2) If the student did not feel that the program is for them, send us an email to within 24 hours of the first class. 3) We will then provide a 100% refund of any fees paid and process your cancellation. Note: If an email is not sent within 24 hours of the student's first class, the free trial will not apply and student must abide by our 30 day cancellation policy.
  • What does the class structure look like with HoopSphere skills classes?
    Every Skills Training Class will focus on foundational fundamentals that help every student raise their skills and confidence.The class will encompass 2-3 primary skills for the day (ie. passing,shooting, ball handling). In addition there will be some time reserved at the end of each class devoted to live competition or scrimmage. HoopSphere uses a comprehensive and detailed curriculum which ensures that players will work on and develop all facets of basketball fundamentals.
  • How does the league work?
    -Official League with Referees/Uniforms/Scores/Standings -Held weekly on the weekend -Players will be grouped according to according to their current playing ability -(Developmental and Competitive Divisions are both offered). -On any given Sunday, teams may have a practice or an actual game (depending on the league schedule). -Playoffs/Finals/Team and Individual Awards at the end of the season.
  • What is a skills class? What is the difference between a skills class and the league?
    Skills classes are focused on skill development which encompasses footwork, ball handling, shooting ability and more. The emphasis is on building a solid foundation of fundamentals. This type of development is crucial to young players as it improves confidence, technique and mentality. A more skilled player is a more confident player. The league is dedicated to learning about team play and playing in games. This will involve strategy, team camaraderie, and competition. We have observed that playing in the league usually motivates students to work harder in their skills classes. A combination of skills classes and the league are what we recommend for most students as it offers exposure and experience to both developing their individual and team skills.
  • My child is a beginner. Do you recommend he/she joins the league?
    Since our league has many divisions to cover all age groups and all skill levels within each age group, we almost always recommend the league. However, if a young student has not gained the strength to pass, catch, and make a shot on a 10 foot basket, we suggest joining the skills program until his/her strength improves.
  • Can a student/parent request for a particular league coach or team?
    No. The teams that are constructed at the beginning of the league season will remain throughout and will be final. No exceptions can be made whatsoever.
  • Can a student enroll to the league only, without a skills training class?"
    No, every student that participates in HoopSphere must be enrolled in a minimum of one skills training class. Skills training classes are essential for developing a solid foundation and to continually improve your overall skill-set, which will contribute to more success in games over time.
  • I signed my child up for the league. When can we receive the league uniform?
    Uniforms will be provided on site at our facility. Pease ask HoopSphere staff for this at your next skills or league session If uniform size is out of stock, please note that it may take 1-3 weeks for us to receive your order. In the meantime we will do our best to provide you with a spare jersey for that day, which should be returned after the league practice or game is completed.
  • Can I add timings to my schedule (including league or skills classes) in the middle of the month?
    Yes, you can add classes or league in the middle of the month. This will go in effective immediately and tuition for the month will be prorated based on the start of the next class or league upon adding classes/league. For example, if you added a Wednesday class on Monday, you are expected to start the new class on Wednesday and tuition will be prorated based on that. You can add skills classes or League Here at any time.
  • What is HoopSphere's AAU program?
    Our AAU program is comprised of the top performers in our program of each age group. Players could be nominated by performing well in our HoopSphere League, or a coach's recommendation from excelling in one of our skills training classes. HoopSphere AAU Teams will compete in competitive tournaments against different teams from all around the Bay Area and beyond.
  • What is the difference between our HoopSphere League and HoopSphere AAU?
    AAU Program Playing different teams in competitive tournaments from throughout the Bay Area For the competitive and advanced player Higher time commitment/increased travel Greater expectations on player commitment Often more competitive and faster pace of play Timings decided by tournament organizers week of the tournament and may be subject to change HoopSphere League Official League with Referees/Uniforms/Scores/Standings Emphasis on Learning and Development Different Levels of competition according the student's current ability (Developmental and Competitive Divisions are both offered) Virtually No Travel (All Games are in one location) Guarantee of minimum playing time for each player Timings are fixed and planned in advance at the start of the season Playoffs/Awards at the end of the season
  • How do I get selected for one of HoopSphere's AAU Teams?
    Details can be found here.
  • What are the time/travel commitments for AAU vs League?
    HoopSphere AAU Program AAU is about 4 hours of team practice weekly plus weekend tournaments. Tournaments will typically take place on Saturdays twice per month, with 2-3 games in a single day. Sometimes tournaments will be on Saturday and Sunday. Travel can vary throughout the Bay Area in locations such as Hayward, San Leandro, Concord, Martinez, San Ramon, etc. There may be one or two tournaments per season outside of the Bay Area. HoopSphere League All The Games and Practices will be held at HoopSphere Facility each week at the same day and time. Each weekly practice and game will be 75 minutes long. On any given Sunday, teams may either have practice or a game depending on the league schedule. Each League Division is based on age group so in our League, you will always attend the same day and time each week.
  • What is the commitment level of the AAU program?
    We expect that every student on one of our AAU teams shows exceptional commitment to his/her team in regards to showing up to all team practices, meetings, games. If there is something that you foresee that your child cannot attend, please reach out to your child’s AAU coach and provide advance notice on his/her absence.
  • What is a typical schedule of an AAU player at HoopSphere?
    𝐓𝐞𝐚𝐦 𝐏𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐢𝐜𝐞𝐬: 3 practices per week, total of 4 hours of practice per week All players will receive 3 total practices per week, totaling 4 hours of practice per week 𝐓𝐞𝐚𝐦 𝐏𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐢𝐜𝐞 𝐁𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐤𝐝𝐨𝐰𝐧: One weekly two hour skills training session (AAU Elite Skills Training) Two weekday team practices (one hour each) 𝐓𝐨𝐮𝐫𝐧𝐚𝐦𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐬: Held every other weekend, most times Saturday only, sometimes Saturdays and Sundays Teams will typically play 2-3 games in the same day on tournament days Most tournaments will be located in various parts of the Bay Area, exact schedule details are typically announced 1-2 days prior to tournament
  • What is the monthly tuition?
    Please refer to the schedule/register page for tuition details. Once tuition is billed, the student will be responsible to attend all registered classes and games/practices. NOTE: No refunds whatsoever will be provided once the tuition has been processed.
  • What forms of payment do you accept and how is tuition processed?
    We accept all forms of credit card payments. If you wish to use your bank account, you can process payment with your debit card. We do not accept cash or checks. We require all tuition to be paid on an automatic debit monthly basis. After you submit your first month’s payment, the payment source you used will be debited the monthly tuition amount on the 1st of every following month. Your first's month's tuition will be prorated based on your start date if you are not starting at the beginning of the month.
  • If I am starting the program mid-month, can you prorate tuition?"
    Yes. Your first month's tuition will automatically be prorated based on your start date.
  • Are there any additional sign-up fees?
    There is a one time registration fee of $35 at the time of registration. For League enrollment, there is also a one time charge to cover the cost of the game Uniform. For students who have played in HoopSphere League in a past season, you may choose to waive this fee if your HoopSphere League uniform still fits.
  • How can I change my payment method on file?
    You can update your payment method on file here.
  • What are the timings for skills classes and league?
    Click here to see all timings throughout the week for your child's age/level.
  • Where are skills classes/practices/games located? Are they indoor or outdoor?
    All our locations are indoor gyms. If you hover over the locations tab on the navigation bar, you can see all our locations. You can also click here to see the entire schedule/register and and find openings near you.
  • How can I see the schedule for my child's age group and skill level?
    Click here to see all program options and timings throughout the week for your child's age/level.
  • How long is each skills class, League team practice, and/or League game?"
    Skills classes are one hour long and League sessions are 75 minutes long.
  • Once enrolled, will I be able to change my schedule at any point?
    You can change your class schedule here. You can select which class (es) to drop and which class (es) to add. The system will automatically show class options that are currently available for your son/daughter's age group. Please note: We do not recommend changing your class schedule unless it has been recommended by a HoopSphere Coach/Staff Member. The new class you change into may not be a perfect fit for your child's skill level. We cannot control who the coach is or who the classmates are for the new class.
  • What is HoopSphere’s Holiday Schedule?
    Our Holiday schedule details can be found here.
  • Can I drop classes or League in the middle of the month? How will the billing be adjusted?
    You cannot drop any classes or league in the middle of the month. Any requests to drop skills classes or league will be adjusted for the first of the following month. The class that a student is enrolled for is reserved for that student. No classes or League may be dropped in the middle of the month. Any requests to drop skills classes or league will be adjusted the first of the following month. You can however add classes or league in the middle of the month. This will go effective immediately and this will be prorated. Dropping a class can be done by sending out the admin team an email We will be able to drop the class for the following monthly billing cycle.
  • What is HoopSphere’s make-up policy for missed classes/practices/games?
    MAKE UP POLICY: Please click HERE to see our make up policy.
  • My son/daughter has just been injured or suffered an illness and he/she will not be able to participate for the rest of the month. Can I get a refund for the missed period?
    Please send us an email at with a doctor's note attached. NOTE: We must receive this note at the time of injury/illness. After classes have been missed,without being notified at the time of injury, we are unable to grant any makeups. You will qualify for make up class(es) only, if you present a doctor’s note to HoopSphere staff that proves all practices or games are going to be missed due to the injury/illness. The doctor’s note should include type of injury/illness and duration of time participant will be unable to participate in athletic activity. The make up request due to injury/illness must be sent to us via email at at the time that the injury/illness takes place. We cannot accomdate make ups for past injuries/illnesses that were not communicated promptly in writing via email.
  • We are enrolled in the program and have a vacation scheduled. What do we do?
    We will not pause tuition or provide make ups/refunds for any classes/practices/games missed. If the vacation is quite long and you do not wish to reserve your space in the program, you may cancel your membership (see the next question for cancellation policy details).
  • My child has already missed classes in the past. Prior to missing these classes, I did not reach out to HoopSphere? Can I receive class credit for these classes now?"
    Once a class/practice/game is missed, there will be no makeups, credits, or refunds.
  • We have vacation plans that are unexpected and my child has to be taken out mid-month? Can I receive a refund or partial credit?
    No, once the month's tuition has been processed, no refunds will be granted.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    It is your responsibility to complete a "Cancellation Form" found on our website, a minimum of 30 days in advance if you are discontinuing the program. Upcoming monthly billing cycles within the 30 Day window will be processed. Once we receive the completed cancellation form, auto-charges will be terminated at the next billing cycle past the initial 30 day window. For example, a cancellation form that is fully submitted January 1 can be honored to discontinue billing effective February 1, as it is within the 30 day window. However, when a cancellation form is submitted January 2, February 1st’s billing will still go through, and will be the final billing date for the student, as it is not within the 30 day window. If we do not receive a fully completed "Cancellation Form", monthly tuition will continue to process even if you are not attending classes/practices/games. Additionally, you will not be refunded for past charges,regardless of attendance. Verbal requests to discontinue the program will not be accepted. If you discontinue the program, you will have to re-register if you plan to re-join in the future. Return is not guaranteed and will depend on availability and current wait-list.
  • What are the drop off and pick up guidelines for any HoopSphere session (Classes/League/AAU)?
    Every Child’s Safety is our Number 1 Priority. Please prioritize not only the safety of yourself and your child but the safety of others while picking up and/or dropping off your child at HoopSphere. Please read the below Drop Off and Pick Up Guidelines carefully Drop Off Guidelines Please park your car and escort your child into the facility. If you are not staying during the class, you should not leave after dropping off your child until you can fully see that the child has joined the class and is under the complete supervision of his/her coach. Pick Up Guidelines Students are required to be inside of the facility prior to being picked up. Students should not leave the facility unless their parent/guardian comes inside the facility and picks them up. Driving Instructions Please exercise the highest caution and care while driving within parking lots. Please keep in mind that parents and students will frequently be crossing the street or walking within these areas. Drive extremely slowly and carefully. Please obey any coaches/school staff/crossing guards and defer to their authority. They are trying to keep everyone safe and it is mandatory that we treat them with respect and follow all of their rules at all times.
  • What are the expectations of each student outside of class?
    We expect students to consistently practice what they learn in class on their own time. In class time will be mainly for learning new skills/techniques and refining existing skills/techniques. Even after “acquiring” a basketball skill, i.e., shooting, dribbling, passing, it takes hours of practice to maintain, sharpen and even better that skill. Most skills take years of ongoing practice to master. We provide the fundamentals, techniques, and corrections in class practice; however, a player cannot truly succeed at high levels without practicing these skills on their own outside of class regularly.
  • What are parent expectations during league games and skills classes/practices?
    Parental Code of Conduct for League Games: In order to foster a safe and positive playing environment for our students, we require parents/spectators to follow our guidelines. Parents and spectators are required to sit or stand in assigned seating area. Please do not sit or stand near the team bench or on the team bench. This area is reserved for players only. Please DO NOT provide your child with coaching/tips either from the sideline or during the game/practice session. This time is reserved for your child to interact and learn from their coach only. This can be distracting, disruptive and can often interfere with coach’s efforts and expectations. Understand that the purpose of our League is NOT about winning vs. losing. Be positive no matter the outcome. These games serve as tremendous learning opportunities to build student character through teamwork, communication, and effort. Let us not lose sight of this. Encourage and support all players who are playing, not just your child. It makes for a great atmosphere and every kid feels supported. Please do not to raise your voice. If you do, it should only be words of encouragement. Spectators/Parents please do not communicate with the referees in anyway whatsoever. Please do not ask questions to coaches on game day unless it is urgent. We want to spend our practice or game time developing our players. If you have questions related to scheduling, training, improvement, please call or send us an email and we will be happy to answer your questions. 24-hour rule: Please Do Not approach coaches or any HoopSphere staff members during game day. If you have a concern, please send us an email 24 hours after the game is complete. The 24-Hour Rule is a good way for parents to take a breath and decide whether their concern really is a matter of fairness or an intense emotional reaction forged in the heat of competition. Enjoy the game! Nothing is more important than our young players having fun out there on the court. Parental Code of Conduct for Skills Classes or League Practices: Parents are welcome to attend and observe the skills training classes/league. However, we ask that parents do not get involved in coaching, and are casually observing rather than critiquing their child or their Coach. We wish to create an open and judgment-free learning environment for students. Please do not provide your child with coaching/tips from the sideline during the class. This time is reserved for your child to interact and learn from their coach only. Additional commentary can be distracting and disruptive, and it can often interfere with coach’s efforts and expectations of the student. Please promptly pick up your child at the end of each session. It is helpful to have the students off the court at the end of the class so it does not delay the following class. Coaches are very busy during skills training classes. We want to spend our class time developing our students. If you have any questions related to scheduling, training, improvement, etc., please send us an email or give us a call and we will be happy to answer your questions.
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