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HoopSphere Skills Training Classes are all about enhancing your individual skills in a weekly motivational class setting

Our Ethos: Enjoyment + Improvement = Love for the Game 


Essential Skill Building and Learning

  • Each of our signature Skills Training Classes feature 60 minutes of intensive, inspirational, basketball skill building 


Certified Professional Coaching 

  • Instructional and motivational coaching environment 


Complete Curriculum 

  • We teach all fundamentals of the game to cover every skill a young player needs: Ball Handling, Footwork, Passing, Shooting, Finishing and more 


Evaluation and Progression 

  • Every student’s progression is evaluated and monitored. Students are grouped based on their age (usually within two years of age), and their skill level.


Indoor High Quality Locations

  • All of our Skills Training Classes are conducted at one of our select elite indoor training facilities across the Bay Area

HoopSphere Skills Training Classes

HoopSphere Skills Training Classes

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How do I sign up for HoopSphere's Skills Training Classes?

1) Click Register Now below

2) Enter the student's appropriate age and skill level

3) Select your desired timings/locations

4) Proceed to choosing League (optional but recommended)

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